Luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) is the fastest-growing segment in the market

Luxury vinyl is a robust and versatile alternative to ceramic tiles and hardwoods and has gained momentum among professionals and homeowners for its ability to replicate their designs in detail.

It shows the character and the look you'd expect from wood flooring to the textures of Italian slate tiles. The difference is the price!

Affordable prices

Luxury vinyl floors bring high-end designs within the budgets of many people and represent undeniable quality. With a wear layer for residential and light commercial applications between 6 –10 million, it can protect the product and increase its longevity.

Impressive durability

Made using robust materials, LVF is made to withstand the pressures associated with all types of environments. There are not many hazards it cannot handle including high levels of footfall, heat and flames and moisture. Give us a call if you have any questions!

With many designs made from 100% vinyl, Luxury Vinyl meets the latest green building standards especially when it comes to commercial applications.

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Hard-wearing versatility

Waterproof and hard-wearing they offer excellent slip resistance and grip. It is an ideal material for high-risk areas like kitchens and bathrooms. With its stunning aesthetics, they are also perfect solutions for living and dining areas. It even looks good on the stairs!

Warm underfoot and insulated sound

LVF offers a warm feeling underfoot while the product’s thickness adds a cushioned effect. The level of heat conducted through is quite impressive. These floors are also quiet to walk on. As its thickness increases the sound becomes even more subdued.
Luxury vinyl flooring in Liberty, MO from Taff's Carpets

Innovative designs

One of the beauties of this flooring is that it’s difficult to differentiate from hardwood or tile equivalents. The designs, textures, and finishes are impeccable. Realism is added with beveled edges, while details can be enhanced with the addition of feature strips. These strips also eliminate any need for grouting.

They come in a vast range of designs. Mosaics and checked patterns are popular with stylists, while modernists prefer vibrant colors coupled with bold configurations.

Easy installations

The installation of luxury vinyl flooring can be much quicker than alternatives, not least because its lower profile makes working with door openings, static furnishings, and transitions much easier. They can be laid over most existing subfloors.

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