The authenticity of a natural wood floor with lots of advantages

People choose laminate flooring because it not only combines the authentic look of a natural floor but it offers many other advantages at an affordable price too.

These floors are made up of four layers. The base is extremely strong comprising a stable, moisture-proof High-Density Fibre board/Hardboard (HDF) panel. The backing plate below this ensures the core does not collapse or warp.

Above the HDF panel is a high-resolution picture of authentic wood tiles or planks. This is often called the "décor panel" and is finished with resin plus a final wear-resistant upper layer that is transparent and provides the floor’s ultimate protection.

It is a unique construction that enables the laminate floor to be indistinguishable from real wood or natural stone floor. As our team at laminate flooring store Taff's Carpets in Kearney MO can tell you, it also offers several practical advantages.

It’s suitable for all rooms

This flooring type can be used in any room -even kitchens and bathrooms. As a Laminate flooring retailer operating throughout Liberty, Smithville, Excelsior Springs, Kearney, Kansas City MO, we offer floors that come with extra protection.

The anti-static surface coupled with a seamless click system prevents dirt and dust from collecting between the planks. This makes it ideal for children's rooms. As a laminate flooring store, we are even aware of complete staircases that have been covered using this material.

It can be used with the right subfloor to cover underfloor heating. And they are also ideal for apartments or houses that have several floors thanks to the robust core panels providing a solid and pleasant sound.

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A laminate floor is very strong

We offer warranties on all of our floors. We are confident that they are exceptionally hardwearing and durable. These can cope with scratches, stiletto heels, falling objects, and even scorch marks.

Spilled water or other liquids can simply be mopped up as quickly as possible so there is no chance of it penetrating the planks. The flooring doesn’t discolor because its protective layer ensures the original color is retained even after exposure to sunlight.

Is easy to maintain

The protective upper layer ensures that floors are extremely easy to clean. Dirt does not penetrate the wood and all you need when you regularly clean is a lightly dampened or even dry fiber cloth. There is no need to scrub, oil or sand this floor.