Carpeting is a great option – now and forever!

When you choose this floor covering you will find there is a huge variety of designs, textures, styles, and construction types.

As a family-owned carpet flooring retailer that has helped customers from our Kearney, MO location since 1964, we know that with good maintenance and a professional installation, it will keep looking and feeling good for many years to come.

At Taff's Carpets, we can tell you other significant benefits as well to this soft surface flooring. You will not only enjoy an improved indoor climate, but also safety, acoustics, and energy efficiency.

In addition to Kearney, our other primary markets include Liberty, Smithville, Excelsior Springs, and Kansas City. When you choose the carpet, our experienced team addresses five key factors.

The importance of style

Today’s manufacturers offer a vast choice of colors and styles, allowing a carpet flooring store like Taff's Carpetsto supply exactly what you want. We offer range from vibrant and expressive colors and larger patterns to organic patterns in more subdued, neutral tones.

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The need for sustainability

Now that we are all becoming much more aware of climate change, as a responsible carpet flooring retailer, we work hard to reduce the environmental impact of what we install. We offer products whose manufacturers have implemented sustainable processes.

Improved indoor climate

We understand that the majority of people spend a large part of their time indoors. This is especially the case in winter. Carpet floors are much better at trapping allergens than any hard surface. Each fiber catches the allergens and particles that fall on the floor. When captured these allergens cannot circulate in the air. Vacuuming regularly removes these problem particles to make the environment even healthier.
Luxury carpet in Liberty, MO from Taff's Carpets

Cutting the noise

Excellent acoustic benefits enabled by the absorption of sound and so reduce noise. This is thanks to the spongy backings and soft fibers. Enhanced energy efficiency. The thermal comfort of your interior environment is significantly enhanced with a carpet. They not only provide warmth but they can play a big part in retaining heat in your home or office. The fibers work as thermal insulators because they offer low heat conduction. The surface pile also traps air to further increase thermal insulation. The rule of thumb is that the thicker the carpet, the greater the amount of thermal insulation it provides.